9.1 Create a Network Fold Over Flier

One way to encourage new members to join your network is to pass out promotional fliers at events. A folder over flier is made by changing a standard letter size sheet of paper to landscape and then folding it over to create a flier 5.5 inches wide by 8 inches tall – and with four customizable panels. In this article, we will explain how to use Libre Writer to create and customize a printable Fold Over Flier. Our plan is to convert these fliers into downloadable PDF documents that our members can share with friends and family. We will also print a few hundred of these fliers to share with out neighbors at local events.

Step 1 Flier Page Layout
Libre Writer offers several features that make it easy to create a fold over flier. Open a new Writer document and save it as Freedica Fold Over Flier Template. Then click Format, Page Style, Page tab. Change the Orientation from Portrait to Landscape and change the margins to 0.5 inches. Also uncheck Background covers margins.


Then click Apply. Then click the Columns tab and change the number of columns from 1 to 2. Also change spacing to 0.8 inches and change the Separator Line to Solid 0.50 pt.

9.2 Add an Events Organizer

One way to build a community is to offer free events and invite the community to your event. It also helps if your website can help community members organize their own events. This requires installing an events calendar and registration system on your website. This system can also be used to promote other community events. In this article, we will add a free events organizer called ICagenda.

The first question we should address is why not simply use Google Calendar and create your own Google Events registration forms? Even if you do not care about Google data mining, using a local Joomla organizing tool gives you the ability of setting up different events visible to different groups of people through the Joomla Access Control Level (ACL) system. In addition, staying within your website allows the use of compatible tools all of which use the same Joomla registration system and the same Joomla database. If you are going to build your own online community, it is best to keep as much of it as possible within your own website registration and access system.

The Joomla extension directory has several events organizers. However there is only one non-commercial option that is able to keep track of the number of people who have signed up for an event and the number of spaces left available at the event. This free tool is called iCagenda. Let’s review how to install and use ICagenda. Here is the link to download this tool: https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/calendars-a-events/events/icagenda/

Install this component with System, Install, Extensions.


Everything comes enabled except the module box that the calendar will be displayed in. Go to Components, ICagenda. Dashboard. There are tools for category management, event creation, and a basic newsletter sender for those who sign up to events along with a section for customizing the posting of events and registering for them.


In the front end, there is a calendar module and two menu items – one for a list of events and the other leading to a page where members can create their own events.

9.3 Add a NextCloud Events Calendar

NextCloud is yet another free open source tool that offers a huge numbers of team building features that can help any group of people expand their network. NextCloud includes Jitsi video conferencing. NextCloud also includes a secure Document Sharing and Team Editing tool. But it’s most important tool for movement building is an easy to use Events Calendar for creating, promoting and managing events. In this article, we will review how to install NextCloud to the same VPS we used to install Joomla and Freedica. We will then explain how to use the NextCloud Events calendar to create, promote and manage your events.

Use Hestia to Install NextCloud
Before we use Hestia to install NextCloud, we need to go to CanHost and add an A record for the sub-domain to our primary domain, which in this case is freedica.org. We will add the subdomain “team”.


This will make the full URL to our NextCloud website:


We also need to download the latest version of the NextCloud installer. Go to this page:


Then click Community Projects. Then click the word HERE in the sentence “Right click HERE and save the file to your computer. “

Then open your Hestia Control Panel and go to your network user account. Click Add Web Domain to add the subdomain you want to use for your NextCloud site. In our case, it is team.freedica.org.


Check the box for Create DNS Zone. But do not click Enable Mail as we should not use mail on a sub-domain. Then click Save. Then click Edit to add an SSL certificate.

Use Hestia to create a Database
Click DB to go to your Database screen. Then click Add Database. Add a Database name, a Database Username and a Database password. Then click Save. Then Back. Then Files in the top menu.

Use the Hestia File Manager to load the NextCloud Setup File
Click Web, then click your NextCloud sub-domain, then click public_html. Then click Add files. Then select the NextCloud Setup file:


Open a web browser and enter the Setup URL
In any browser, type in the URL: yourdomainname.com/setup-nextcloud.php (replace yourdomainname.com with your own domain name) to open the Nextcloud setup wizard. In our case, the domain name is: team.freedica.org/setup-nextcloud.php


Click Next. Nextcloud will run a check to ensure all the dependencies are met.

9.4 From Freedica to Freedom

How Freedica can help us win the Information War
For more than a decade, we have all been swimming in an ocean of lies and propaganda carefully designed to distract and manipulate us while the Corporate Information Technology Machine gradually strips us of every shred of freedom. In this article, we will outline this loss of liberty. We will then take a sober look at what it will take if we are to have any hope of changing the course of history and building a better future for all of us.


The danger of allowing a few billionaires to control what we can say and ultimately what we are allowed to think
We are currently facing the ever expanding evil of a concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few billionaires. Every aspect of our lives is being controlled by the greatest concentration of wealth and power in human history.

There is a small group of people who not only control Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court - but also control the media where we get our news, the social networks we use to share information and even the computers we use to share knowledge and the phones we use to communicate with friends and family.

For the rest of us, we have been stripped of even the most basic human rights. There is no Freedom of Speech – only censorship if we oppose the draconian measures were are being subjected to. Freedom of Speech is simply not possible when hundreds of employees at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all are former FBI or CIA operatives.

There is no Freedom of Religion when our churches can be closed by a largely imagined emergency order – and when Catholics are accused by the FBI of being domestic terrorists for being morally opposed to unrestricted abortions.


There are no parental rights when school children are being subjected to gender mutilation without the knowledge or consent of their parents and when parents are being called domestic terrorists by the FBI for opposing such draconian policies at a school board meeting.

There is no right to Due Process when thousands of websites can be removed from the Internet without a Court Hearing simply by invoking the draconian Patriot Act which renders every server in the US to be accomplices in a vast hidden spy network. There is no right to Due Process when the FBI is allowed to do 3.4 million computer searches of the American people – including monitoring Tucker Carlson - in 2021 using the massive FISA database without a warrant.