9.4 From Freedica to Freedom

How Freedica can help us win the Information War
For more than a decade, we have all been swimming in an ocean of lies and propaganda carefully designed to distract and manipulate us while the Corporate Information Technology Machine gradually strips us of every shred of freedom. In this article, we will outline this loss of liberty. We will then take a sober look at what it will take if we are to have any hope of changing the course of history and building a better future for all of us.


The danger of allowing a few billionaires to control what we can say and ultimately what we are allowed to think
We are currently facing the ever expanding evil of a concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few billionaires. Every aspect of our lives is being controlled by the greatest concentration of wealth and power in human history.

There is a small group of people who not only control Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court - but also control the media where we get our news, the social networks we use to share information and even the computers we use to share knowledge and the phones we use to communicate with friends and family.

For the rest of us, we have been stripped of even the most basic human rights. There is no Freedom of Speech – only censorship if we oppose the draconian measures were are being subjected to. Freedom of Speech is simply not possible when hundreds of employees at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all are former FBI or CIA operatives.

There is no Freedom of Religion when our churches can be closed by a largely imagined emergency order – and when Catholics are accused by the FBI of being domestic terrorists for being morally opposed to unrestricted abortions.


There are no parental rights when school children are being subjected to gender mutilation without the knowledge or consent of their parents and when parents are being called domestic terrorists by the FBI for opposing such draconian policies at a school board meeting.

There is no right to Due Process when thousands of websites can be removed from the Internet without a Court Hearing simply by invoking the draconian Patriot Act which renders every server in the US to be accomplices in a vast hidden spy network. There is no right to Due Process when the FBI is allowed to do 3.4 million computer searches of the American people – including monitoring Tucker Carlson - in 2021 using the massive FISA database without a warrant.

The Expansion of Economic, Political and Medical Slavery
For the past three years, we have been forced to take a PCR Test which is so unreliable that it is wrong 29 times out of 30 – and it has been known to be this unreliable since at least 2002. This fake PCR test was used to create a fake pandemic. This fake pandemic has been used to close our schools and harm millions of children - even when not a single child or teacher in the school was sick.

This same fake PCR test was used to close millions of businesses and destroy millions of jobs – even as major corporations remain open. Without jobs, many are no longer able to pay rent or put food on the table. According to a 2021 study by the US Census Bureau more than 15 million Seniors are living in poverty. Millions more are living on a fixed income and are in danger of losing their homes.

43 million younger adults are burdened with $1.8 trillion in student debt which they have no hope of ever paying. Their credit ratings have been ruined. Yet they are the only group who are unable to discharge their debt through bankruptcy court. They therefore have no hope of ever getting out of debt or restoring their credit rating or buying a home. They are permanent debt slaves.

We were required to stay locked up in our homes - despite the fact that 90% of all viral transmission occurs in homes. We were forced to wear cotton masks – despite the fact that every scientific study has found that masks do not stop the transmission of any virus – because the holes in the masks are at least 100 times bigger than viruses. The masks and the lockdown were not about stopping a virus. Instead they were used to promote fear in a gullible population who believed what they were told by corrupt politicians who in turn were controlled by the very billionaires and drug companies stealing billions of dollars from the rest of us.

Perhaps the most despicable tragedy was the violation of our personal medical freedom. To save our jobs and provide food for our kids, millions of Americans were forced to be repeatedly injected with experimental clot shots that we are neither safe or effective. Instead these clot shots have caused - and will continue to cause - hundreds of thousands of needless deaths from cancer, heart attacks and strokes due to GMO spike proteins turning our cells into deadly Prion factories. So much for our right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

In short, we have all been turned into slaves of these billionaires. Destroying our economy has turned us into economic slaves. Removing our freedom of speech and bribing elected officials has turned us into political slaves. Injecting our bodies with harmful shots has turned us into medical slaves.

But by far the greatest danger created by our addiction to the billionaire media and social networks is the fact that we are now on the threshold of nuclear war with Russia and or China – and most Americans have no idea this is even happening. The lies told about the Ukraine War have been even worse than the lies about the Corona Virus. The truth is that in February 2014, the US CIA started a proxy war against Russia by overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine and then installing a group of anti-Russian Nazis who immediately began killing Russian speaking people in the Donbas. For 8 years, Russia tried to get a negotiated settlement. Finally, the people of the Donbas – 90% of whom speak Russian - declared independence and asked Russia for help. Russia then came to their aid in February 2022.

Since then the US blew up the Nordstream Pipeline causing the biggest release of methane gas in the history of the world and recently bombed the Crimean Bridge. Either of these reckless acts could have led to nuclear war.

If our children are going to have any chance of a future, we are going to need to create change here in the US. While Freedica can help bring about this change, it is only one of several tools we will need to learn how to use.

We need to overcome our addiction to the Technology Chains used to enslave us
At the root of all other forms of slavery is a deeply hidden form of Information slavery. We have all become addicted to using Windows computers and Google phones and Twitter and Facebook social networks – all controlled by billionaires. It is no coincidence that the four wealthiest corporations in the history of humanity – Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon – are all Information Technology companies. While most people may think of Amazon as an online retailer, Amazon makes nearly all of their actual profit from AWS – Amazon Web Services – which in turn is funded by hundreds of millions of dollars from the US Military aka Deep State.

For more than 15 years, those in power have been using their Top Down Information Technology to conduct an Information War against the rest of us. To see that the ultra-rich are winning this war, one only needs to look at the ever widening gap in wealth between the billionaires and the rest of us.

For more than 15 years, I have been warning people that we can not hope to defeat the billionaires if we continue to be addicted to the very tools controlled by the billionaires and used to keep us in chains. But addictions to Windows computers, Apple phones and Twitter Tweets are hard to break.

Some have rightly noted that economic freedom and political freedom are both dependent on freedom of speech. What is less understood is that today, freedom of speech is dependent on freedom of the processes for sharing information. In a world where evil forces can take down a website or remove a video from the Internet, Freedom of speech that is immediately subject to mass censorship is not freedom of speech at all. It is the illusion of free speech. Real Freedom of speech is dependent on freedom of Information Sharing Technology. If we do not control the database on which speech is posted, then we do not have Freedom of Speech. Whoever controls the database, controls the speech on the database.

The reason we need distributed social networks
Many have observed that the further a government is away from the people, the less democratic and the more corrupt it becomes. Unless you are a billionaire, you are more likely to get a response from City Hall than you are to get a response from Congress. Put another way, it is easier for billionaires to control Congress that it is for a billionaire to control City Hall.

The same is true for the Internet. It is easier for billionaires to control a couple of social media monopolies like Facebook and Twitter than it would be to control a thousand local social media networks. This is the reason I created Freedica. Not just to make it easier for you and your group to create your own social network – but to make it harder for billionaires to control your ability to organize.

There are catalytic events in history, events which spread ideas like wildfire and trigger movements which change the course of history. The invention of the printing press was one such event. It could be argued that the printing press is what made the American Revolution possible.

More recently, the invention of the Internet has made the rapid sharing of information possible. But despite this potential, the last few years have seen the greatest concentration of wealth and power in human history. This is in part because those in power still control the social media websites most people visit and rely on to get the news from on a daily basis.

Freedica is something new. It allows those who want to break free from the death star grip of Facebook and Twitter a chance to build there own social networks at virtually no cost and with virtually no technical knowledge. But freedom requires more than just the will and desire to be free. It requires the willingness to break old addictions and learn about new tools for political organizing.

Here are seven addictions we need to break free from if we are to end Information Slavery:

#1… We need to convert our old Windows computers into Linux computers
Here is a comparison of the security flaws of Windows compared to the Linux Debian operating system.


Windows has over 800 new security flaws every year – while Linux has no security flaws and is easier to use and is free. It is simply not safe to use a Windows computer to build a VPS or a website. It is likely that your Windows computer has already been hacked – and that hackers will be able to go through your Windows computer to take over your VPS and any websites you may be running.

Very soon, any computer bought before 2020 will be unable to run Windows or Windows programs as Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 in October 2025. To make matters worse, Microsoft announced that Windows 12 would be built using Artificial Intelligence. AI is noted for creating poorly written and extremely bloated code. It is therefore likely that Windows 12 will not run on any laptop with less than 16 GB of RAM.

While folks have been unwilling to end their addiction to Windows in the past, the combination of having to replace their computer and the danger of nuclear war if we fail to free ourselves of the addiction of continuing with the billionaire monopolies might be enough to finally get folks to make the move from Windows to Linux.

#2… We need to replace MS Word documents with Libre Writer documents.
In addition to replacing the Windows operating system, it is far past time to replace MS Word and other MS Office programs with Libre Writer and Libre Office programs. Here is a link to our course on how to change from MS Word to Libre Writer:



#3… We need to stop paying others to run our websites and learn how to set up and run our own servers
It is much easier and much less expensive to set up your own server and your own website than it has been in the past. Here is a link to our course on creating up your own secure website. https://createasecurewebsite.com/

#3… We need to convert our Wordpress Websites into Joomla websites
Joomla is a website building tool that is much more secure than Wordpress. Using a Wordpress website is just as bad as using a Windows computer. Here is a comparison of the security flaws of Joomla compared to the security flaws of Wordpress:


Only a person who has never done any research on website security would even consider using a Wordpress website. Yet even some of the world’s most important organizations still make the mistake of using an easy to hack Wordpress website. Here is a recent example of how dangerous it is to the cause of freedom and world peace to use a Wordpress website.

On June 11 and 12, 2023, over 300 peace advocates from 32 countries met in Vienna to create a plan for peace in Ukraine. The event was sponsored by the International Peace Bureau and had worldwide press coverage.


Speakers at this event included Jeffrey Sachs and Dennis Kucinich. Unfortunately, the websites for the International Peace Bureau and the Peace in Ukraine summit were both hacked and taken offline the day after the conference. Both websites were and still are Wordpress websites. It is understandable that the Deep State would want to take down these peace websites.


What is not understandable is why those running the International Peace Bureau would use such an easily hackable web platform as Wordpress at a time when preventing nuclear war is so important. Again, it would not have taken much research to learn this. To make matters worse, both sites used an old and insecure JavaScript framework and both sites used a server control panel called cPanel which also is not secure. So basically whoever was running these websites had almost no concern for security.

#4… We need to use Freedica to organize politically on social networks we control
Some have claimed that it is safe to use Twitter for political organizing now that it is own by Elon Musk. This claim completely overlooks the history of Elon Musk who got nearly all of his wealth from contracts from the Deep State. The claim that Twitter is safe also overlooks the fact that Musk hired Lockdown Linda to run Twitter – and Linda has a long track record of advocating extreme censorship. There is literally a mountain of evidence on the Internet to confirm that Linda has no regard for your medical freedom or freedom of speech.


Finally, this claim also overlooks the fact that it is much easier for the Deep State to track one or two Top Down monopoly networks than a thousand bottom up local networks.

#5… We need to stop depending on Top Down political parties to tell us who to vote for.
We need to organize politically from the bottom up and stop depending on others to decide who we will be allowed to vote for. We need to become more than politically active. We need to form our own local bottom up political organizations. For all too long,, we have complained about the insanity of the leaders of both major political parties. But we need to do more than complain. We need to organize politically – either to take back one of the major parties or to build up one of the minor parties. What is no longer acceptable is to merely complain as our children’s future is being destroyed.

#6 We need to build real relationships in our local communities to build an enduring political movement
All too often, debates rage on the monopoly social networks by people who live thousands of miles away from each other. These are not real relationships and they do not help either with political organizing or building real relationships. Real political organizing can only be done on a local level by getting to know and sharing information with people in your local community. This is yet one more advantage of using Freedica to organize in your state or local community.

What’s Next?
If you have any questions, feel free to post them on our Freedica Forum. If you would like to learn more about building your own Freedica Network, email me using David Spring at Proton Mail dot com. We will be offering a 12 week course on setting up a secure Freedica network in the coming months. Space is limited and early registration is advised. I look forward to meeting you.


David Spring M. Ed.